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Zippy Paws Holiday Crinkle Jumbo Penguin

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Zippy Paws Holiday Crinkle Jumbo Penguin
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This exclusive holiday version of ZippyPaws' signature crinkle dog toy is packed with features to keep your canine companion entertained for hours. Filled with crinkle material in its arms and legs, this toy enhances the biting and chewing experience for your pet. The resilient construction, featuring floppy limbs and durable material, allows for tugging and vigorous play without risking damage to the toy.

At the core of this festive plaything is a ZippyPaws large Blaster squeaker, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for your dog. This toy is crafted for versatile fun that your canine will relish. Squeezing the Blaster squeaker captures your dog's attention, enticing them to engage with the toy in playful antics.

Key Features:

  • Lively and floppy crinkly dog toy in ZippyPaws' exclusive holiday editions
  • Engaging noise-making toy that dogs adore
  • Incorporates crinkle material in arms and legs for satisfying biting and chewing experiences
  • Floppy limbs ideal for tugging play
  • Large Blaster squeaker in the center for a loud and gratifying squeak that dogs love
  • Crafted from durable and reinforced materials for enduring use
  • A fantastic Christmas or holiday gift for your pet
  • Ideal for medium-sized to large dogs
  • Size: X-Large - Approximately 90cm tall

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