Strategies for Alleviating Puppy Separation Anxiety

Strategies for Alleviating Puppy Separation Anxiety

Dealing with separation anxiety is a common challenge when leaving your puppy home alone. The stress experienced by both the pup and the owner can be daunting. To mitigate these issues, consider these five tips for ensuring a happier experience for your furry friend during solo moments.

  • Gradual Introductions: Rather than abruptly leaving your puppy alone, ease them into the process gradually. Initiate short periods of alone time, starting with five minutes. When reuniting, maintain a calm demeanour without making a fuss. Incrementally extend the duration of solitary moments, reaching up to 30 minutes. Consistently repeat this training throughout the day, helping your puppy build confidence in handling separation.
  • Minimise Farewell Fuss: While bidding farewell to your puppy can be heart-wrenching, compensating with excessive affection before leaving or upon return can heighten their anxiety. Instead, depart and arrive without creating a significant spectacle. By downplaying your exits and entrances, you communicate to your pet that these events are routine and not a cause for concern.
  • Pre-Departure Exercise: Prioritise outdoor playtime for your puppy before leaving them alone. Although your puppy may not be home alone frequently during their initial weeks with you, ensuring they've had ample exercise before solitude can help manage anxiety. Engage them in activities that burn excess energy, promoting relaxation and nap time while you're away.
  • Establish a Routine: A sudden shift from leisurely mornings to a bustling departure routine can induce fear and stress in your puppy. To ease this transition, establish a consistent daily schedule. Plan regular times for feeding, walks, and cuddles, allowing your pet to anticipate and adapt to the routine. Predictability helps alleviate anxiety caused by sudden changes in their environment.
  • Invest in Boredom Busters: Equip your home with a variety of toys to keep your playful puppy occupied during your absence. A mix of chew toys, soft toys, and treat-based toys can engage their attention and stimulate their mind. Explore our guide on selecting the best puppy toys and consider our boredom-busting accessories to enhance your puppy's mental stimulation.

You can also add a ADAPTIL Junior Calming Collar to your routine to assist with staying home alone. If you observe signs of separation anxiety in your puppy, seeking a behavioural consultation from your local vets is a proactive step. Professional advice tailored to your puppy's specific needs can assist in overcoming stress and promoting a more relaxed home-alone experience.

6th Mar 2024

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