Is My Dog Cold? How to Keep Your Dog Warm and Cosy This Winter

Is My Dog Cold? How to Keep Your Dog Warm and Cosy This Winter

Even with their fur coats, dogs can feel the cold during winter. The drop in temperature and shorter days affect them too. Here are some tips to ensure your dog stays warm and healthy throughout the chilly season.

Upgrade Their Bedding

Dogs love a cosy and secure bed just as much as we do.

  • Indoors: Place a warm winter dog bed in a comfortable spot, such as the living room or bedroom. Add an extra blanket for them to snuggle under, shop the Zee.Dog orthopaedic dog bed. For senior dogs, puppies, and small breeds with short coats, consider using a microwavable heat pack in their bedding.
  • Outdoors: Make sure their dog kennel is sturdy and draft-free, positioned to protect them from the elements. Include a winter dog bed and blankets inside to keep them warm and comfortable.

Dress Them in Warm Clothing

If your dog shivers during morning walks or stays close to the heater, they might need an extra layer of warmth.

Adjust Their Diet and Exercise Routine

Maintaining your dog’s exercise routine can be challenging in the winter. If you reduce their exercise but keep their calorie intake the same, they may gain weight.

  • Exercise: Opt for shorter walks in the morning and evening. Use high-visibility gear such as reflective leads, harnesses, and clothing to keep them safe and warm. We have a variety of bright coloured harnesses and leads available, shop now.

Watch for Signs of Arthritis

Cold weather can worsen joint discomfort, especially in older dogs. Look for signs like reduced activity, lagging behind on walks, and difficulty jumping onto furniture or into the car.

Continue Flea, Tick, and Worm Control

Don't skip flea, tick, and worm treatments during winter. Fleas can thrive indoors where heaters keep the temperature just right, especially in carpeted homes. Shop our large range of vet-grade flea, tick and worming protection here. 

Maintain Their Grooming Routine

As your dog grows a thicker winter coat, regular brushing, bathing, and grooming are crucial to prevent matting and keep them clean, especially for long-haired breeds. Shop our vet-grade grooming range. 

By following these tips, you can ensure your dog stays warm, healthy, and comfortable all winter long.

7th Jun 2024

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