Feliway Spray - 60mL

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Feliway Spray, 60mL

Create a state of security and familiarity to help your cat cope with a new environment. The Feliway ORMD-D Behavior Modifier emits a synthetic cop of your cat’s natural facial pheromone, used by felines to mark their territory as someplace safe and secure. Oil vapor carrying the pheromone will rise in a column of warm air and prevent your kitty from urinating to mark its territory. Using pheromonatherapy to help sooth your pet is a new field in veterinary medicine. This scent in a room will help reassure your cat while it copes with a challenging new situation. Spray daily for 30 days. Should not stain furniture, but test on a small area before use.

Feliway reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including urine marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite and the reduced desire to play or interact.

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8 Reviews

Kat 23rd Apr 2018

Feliway Spray

Feliway has been a blessing for my four year old ginger! I will always keep a bottle in the house.

Janece 3rd Sep 2017

Great product

As intended works well

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