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ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser Set for Dogs

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ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser Set for Dogs
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ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser Set for Dogs

ADAPTIL has a comforting and reassuring role in both puppies and adult dogs.

ADAPTIL is recommended for the control and management of fear and/or stress-related behaviours in puppies and adult dogs including separation anxiety, destructive behaviour, vocalisation, house-soiling, hypersalivation and excessive licking, sleep disorders, feeding problems and phobias such as fear of thunderstorms.

ADAPTIL can also help dogs be more responsive to behavioural therapy and training. 

ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser aids in alleviating signs associated with fear and stress in dogs and puppies. These stressful situations can include:-

  • Moving house
  • Visits to vets
  • Fear of noises eg thunderstorms
  • Excessive barking and whining
  • Urine marking in the house
  • Tearing up household items
  • Pacing and wanting to escape through open doors
  • Chewing skin or soiling the home in your absence


  • Remove the refill vial cap
  • Screw refill vial onto diffuser unit
  • Plug the diffuser into an electric socket
  • Leave the diffuser switched on continuously
  • Diffuser refill should last approximately 4 weeks 



Product Reviews (9)

  • 5

    this is an awesome product

    I use this to keep some calm in the house with my 5 Bullmastiffs its just settles them more and they are much more relaxed

  • 5

    adaptil defuser

    Dog much more relaxed not afraid of being alone now

  • 5

    Adaptil Diffuser

    My Maltese was soiling often inside . With the diffuser have seen fantastic improvement. Will be using this all the time .. really works

  • 5


    I used this in the laundry so it was an enclosed space, when we went out to dinner and put my monitor on. For the first time in 3 months my puppy settled and did not cry the whole time. Finally a product that works.

  • 5

    Adaptil diffuser

    This is great I have it on in the lounge room & it helps keep my dogs carm

  • 4

    Happy puppy

    Charlie came into our home when he was 5 months old. He had had a very stressful life and was filled with anxieties. Toileting indoors because he was too scared to go out incase we shut him out. Going frantic when the phone rang, mobile or landline, and running in small circles for ages. So we tried the Adaptil deffuser. Within days there was a marked difference in his behavior and he has continue to improve. I am glad that my friend told md about this product. Little Charlie is a super little dog.

  • 4

    A Good Product

    I am very pleased with this diffuser. My dogs often have a visiting dog come to stay for a few days and I have noticed with the use of the plug in diffuser they all seem more at ease and happy.

  • 4

    Helps with anxiety

    My Maltese cross shih Tzu has been experiencing separation anxiety and I bought the Adaptil diffuser set and spray to calm him. Since using the diffuser set and spray I have noticed a huge difference in his behaviour. He used to wake me up numerous times during the night and now only wakes me up on the odd occasion. If there is a storm I will spray a little bandanna that I have for him and this relieves some of the stress. I have a much happier pet thanks to these products.

  • 5

    Only product that resolved Shenka's severe anxiety

    Absolutely amazing product for my extremely anxious nearly 16 month old Alaskan Malamute. Shenka weighs 47.8kg's so a dog of her weight, height and joint issues is a very bad combination. Shenka has always had anxiety but it escalated dramatically. We think it was because I was leaving the house more after being bed ridden for nearly 6 months after a serious high impact car accident. I now attend physio once a week and hydro 3-4 times a week not including doctor or specialist appointments. Prior to my accident and with Shenka's own pain issues in her hips and knees, she would come with me nearly everywhere. Instead she didn't get to play high speed games, tug of war and her play time was decreased because I was recovering from surgeries and injuries related to my car accident. Shenka is still being walked daily, has tons of games inside and outside with me (including soccer which she is exceptional at) but this wasn't enough. My family also plays with her a lot throughout the day and evening. It is rare for there to not be at least one person in the house. Once I left, Shenka would howl and cry for ages with her head under the gate. In the end mum would bring her inside so Shenka realised she wasn't alone and was safe. One of the main issues we feel dramatically escalated her anxiety was because she used to being around me nearly 24/7 after I was involved in a serious high impact car accident. It was a huge adjustment for her and she had previously been anxious because she could smell my oncology treatment meds. Once I went into remission she calmed down a lot but just a few months later I had the car accident I mentioned above. Shenka's anxiety went into overdrive. We tried everything, used all the dog training tools but nothing worked. Shenka still had plenty of one-on-one time and loads of games with me but this wasn't enough. Shenka wouldn't let me leave the house and when I finally managed to, she would throw herself at the gate repeatedly completely freaking out and hyperventilating. Shenka also started having panic attacks, something I never knew dogs could have but thankfully this only happened on three occasions. Shenka wouldn't go to bed until 3-4am because she wanted to have cuddles, non-stop chesty rubs and play time, yes even at 4am. I would ignore her crying at my door and sometimes this worked (after about 5mins). Many times it didn't and her crying would just get louder and louder to the point you knew she wasn't going to stop. We tried so many techniques but nothing worked until I used the Adaptil range. I decided to use this product, a product I knew first hand did in fact work. I knew because I had to use the dap diffusers with my previous mally, Casper right up until she died. Casper started displaying severe anxiety about -6-8 months before she died. Casper was extremely anxious, throwing herself against my bedroom door, wouldn't leave my side, refused to sleep in the laundry and would cry throughout the night if I didn't let her in. In the end Casper started sleeping on my bed with me again like she did when she was younger. I was advised to put Casper on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. I wasn't comfortable with giving my dog these types of medications. I wanted to exhaust all other interventions which included DAP (now known as Adaptil). I already research natural remedies to reduce anxiety in dogs extensively before I approached my vet about this. I really wanted to try the DAP range because my research illustrated how highly effective it was throughout the world particularly in Europe. This wasn't well-known in Australia back then and you could only obtain it through vets. My vet was against it, said it was a waste of money and I received similar comments from other animal professionals. I brought in an animal behaviourist who also agreed with my decision to try other things before considering medications. She gave us numerous techniques to decrease her anxiety but again nothing worked. Once I had tried everything else (apart from meds) I decided to go with my gut feeling and try the DAP. Since my vet was against the product, I had to call around other vet clinics who would be willing to order it for me, thankfully I found one. It was like a miracle cure, within a few days Casper was back to her usual self right up until she died in Feb 2011 at 12yrs 3 months. Casper never required medications for anxiety and the only reason is because of the DAP Diffusers. After knowing how effective the dap products are, as soon as Shenka started freaking out my first choice was going back to the Adaptil range. I had also used the Adaptil collar when I first picked her up from interstate where it had taken us about 8-9 hours to drive back. The collar really helped her as she was only 7 weeks and 3 days when I picked Shenka up. Thankfully unlike four to five years ago the Adaptil range is now widely accepted by most vets, animal behaviorists and trainers. My vet is shocked but very happy with how much Shenka has improved since using the Adaptil range. We use a combination of products: the collar and three diffusers. After I ordered this products, Shenka was back to her old cheeky self within 24hrs. Shenka was also less destructive, demanding and once again started sleeping through the night. Shenka's anxiety hit an all-time high a couple of weeks ago. We had renovations going, my parents were away for the weekend and my sister stayed over to look after us because of my injuries.My parents and I both got new mattresses, base and frame. We had a new gazebo, bbq and outdoor setting. Lots of boxes, lots of changes and I was no leaving the house regularly. Shenka was so anxious she wouldn't eat, diarrhea and exhibited the same the behaviours prior to starting the adaptil range. My vet said wait a couple of weeks, too much is going on at the house but to continue with the tools we were taught to decrease her anxiety. If there was no improvement we would have to start looking at medication. Shenka just continued to get worse but I didn't realise all her daps(3) were empty until I had to use one of the plugs the diffuser was in. I always make sure I have three refils ready to go when the current ones run out. I did this thinking it could take some time to get more because they'd need to order it in since most places don't have three refills in stock. I was unsure about online delivery times as well and the last thing I wanted was to run out over a weekend or public holiday. I replaced all the diffusers with new refill bottles the same morning I noticed them empty and by night Shenka was back to her old self again :D. Shenka became more energetic but once again able to sleep through the night, much happier, less destructive, more receptive with commands and her pain decreased. We were able to drop her Tramadol dose from 150mg twice a day to 50mg twice a day. Occasionally we have to increase this to 100mg if it's obvious she's very sore but this usually only happens 1-2 times a week, sometimes she's fine for over a week. The Adaptil range is a life saving product for anyone who has anxious animals. I have found they're also very effective with thunderstorms and fireworks. Shenka has dramatically improved and will not need to start on any medication for her anxiety. Vet is amazed and more than happy for her to continue using it, even if he wasn't I still would. I am even more convinced the Adaptil range is clearly very effective after seeing the extremely significant difference in Shenka's behaviour within several hours after replacing the empty refill bottles in the diffusers. I cannot recommend this product enough. If you don't get the results I have mentioned here then possibly you need more adapters, try different locations for the adapters to be placed, never turn them off if possible and maybe use it in conjunction with the dap collar. It took some trial and error for us when we initially started using it for Casper. We worked out we needed three diffusers because the area is too large. During the summer doors and ducted evap cooler is on or the split system air con is on. All of these things impact the effectiveness of the product. We thought we could turned off the adapters (to save money by making them last longer) when we had the evap cooler on with windows and doors open. We were told this could be done however Casper's anxiety increased (she was inside on warm to hot days) right up until several hours after we turned the diffusers back on. After this continued to happen we decided to leave the diffusers on regardless of doors being open or the cooler or aircon is on. Sure enough Casper's anxiety improved for the entire day / evening. Thankfully we already knew how many we needed and to use the collar as well when Shenka showed severe signs of anxiety. We've had to use the ducted cooler a lot over the last couple of months, doors open or split system air con but regardless the daps do their job. Shenka is much calmer, back to her cheeky self, eating again, no diarrhea, chewing her paws less and doesn't completely flip out when I leave. Due to this dramatic improvement our vet yesterday told us he is more than happy to not prescribe her anti-anxiety meds. He was floored by how effective the dap products are. Shenka doesn't even react to fireworks, she doesn't care and will go to sleep, even stay asleep when they're happening. Shenka still has anxiety but it's manageable unlike previously when we didn't have the diffusers or collar. I have found the collar alone didn't work with my dog, it needed to be used in conjunction with the diffusers. We of course still incorporate techniques / tools to reduce Shenka's separation anxiety and overall anxiety (so many things make her anxious). Shenka is a MUCH happier puppy (and so are we) because of the Adaptil range.I cannot thank Pacific Pet Supplies enough. I order a lot of pet products online and a few other things like most people but I've never come across a company who is so efficient with lightening fast delivery. If I make the order 11pm on a Mon, my package from Pacific Pet Supplies will be there by Wed (I live in Melb). Again thank you Pacific Pet Supplies, your service and products are outstanding. The Adaptil range prices are by far the cheapest on the market and do not compromise the quality of their products, service or delivery. I highly doubt you will find another company better than this one. If I could I'd give them more than 10/10 I would. I will continue purchasing from this fantastic company who I continue to recommend this product and company to others. Thank you so much to the team at Pacific Pet Supplies and the makers of the Adaptil range. You have made us much happier, relaxed, chilled and no longer sleep deprived. Thanks again!