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Feliway Diffuser Set for Cats

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Feliway Diffuser Set for Cats
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Feliway Diffuser and 48mL Vial Set

Genuine CEVA 240v Australian Feliway Diffuser & 48mL Vial

The Feliway Diffuser Set with 48mL Vial is a powerful and effective tool that can help to comfort and reassure cats, while they cope with challenging situations and changes in their environment. This convenient and easy-to-use set contains one genuine Feliway Australian 240v electric diffuser and one Feliway 48mL vial.

Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. By mimicking the cat's natural facial pheromones, Feliway creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat's local environment. As a result, Feliway can be used to help alleviate signs associated with fear and stress in kittens and cats, such as excessive meowing and whining, urine marking, tearing up household items, pacing and wanting to escape through open doors, chewing skin or soiling the home in your absence, and fear of thunderstorms, vet visits, and strangers.

The Feliway Diffuser Set is easy to use, and is simply plugged into an electric socket and switched on. The refill vial should be screwed onto the diffuser unit, and the diffuser should be left switched on continuously. The refill vial should last approximately 4 weeks. The set is manufactured by Ceva, and the ingredients include 16.5 mg/ml Synthetic analogue of the F3 fraction of Feline Facial Pheromone.

Try the Feliway Diffuser Set with 48mL Vial today, and see the difference it can make in your cat's life.


Urine marking Supplement Preferred For best results, use the Feliway Diffuser in combination with the Feliway Spray.
Vertical scratching Preferred Supplement The Feliway Spray should be applied directly to the entire scratched surface. The Feliway Diffuser can also help reduce stress.
Multi-cat household Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser should be used to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser in high traffic areas.
to the 
cat's environment
Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser to enhance effectiveness.
of the
Supplement Preferred
new pet...)
Supplement Preferred
Fireworks Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. Begin use 1-2 weeks before anticipated event.
Supplement Preferred
with a
Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser or in a situation whrere the Diffuser is not practical (boarding, kennels, carriers).
Adoption Supplement Preferred
Boarding Preferred Supplement
Transportation Preferred N/A About 10 minutes prior to leaving, spray all four corners and floor of the carrier with Feliway.

Product Reviews (27)

  • 5

    Replacement diffuser

    I bought this diffuser to replace the one we had because of concerns that the older diffusers might be a fire hazard and because I had noticed the old one got very hot in use. We use when we take our cat to our son's house; a nearly 4 hour drive and a different location. The product has always helped our cat but the new diffuser also made a big difference; the active is diffused more gradually and our cat was definitely a lot less stressed.

  • 5


    Our cat had been extremely stressed since our daughter moved in with her huge dog- over 12 months. She hid away and whined all day. Within two hours of plugging the diffuser in she was sitting with us having a cuddle. We can’t believe how effective give it was.

  • 5

    Works well for my cat

    I like the diffuser, compared to the spray, as it’s constantly working and you don’t have to reapply it every couple of days. Will be purchasing another one to place in the bedroom as well.

  • 5


    I cannot be anymore Happier with this product. My lovely 10 year old cat Minni has been suffering separation anxiety and had severely licked her back legs, tail and hips to the point of almost no fur being present. I've had this diffuser for less than 2 weeks now and her fur is already growing back, she's a lot calmer and happier. After trying everything and not wanting to resort to medication this has done what it states. Definitely recommend!

  • 5

    The diffuser.

    I would highly recommend the diffuser. It has made a big difference to my highly anxious Charlie. I saw results in a couple of days and had kept improving. He still gets anxious but i would say it's been 3 weeks now. He would be 70% better. I have another months worth and then I'll see how he goes. Very impressed and surprised. Thank you

  • 4

    Feliway diffuser set

    Ultimately, my Draco has calmed down slightly. He still scratches doors but he has made an improvement in his stress levels. Will buy again.

  • 5

    Feliway Diffuser set

    Very happy with the Feliway Diffusor set..My cat had a scare and this helped him a lot

  • 5

    2 x happier cats!

    I purchased this from this website primarily becuae of the price difference - $50 cheaper than a bricks and mortar pet store (and no doubt a lot cheaper than the vets) I have been coming home to a very anxious female cat, mostly because my male cat attacks her on a daily basis. Being indoor cats, there is nowhere for her to escape. She was even too stressed to be picked up or be in the same room as him. I purchased feliway to help reduce her stress levels and to help with his dominating behaviour. I received this 3 days ago and I can already see a huge improvement. My girl is so much calmer, they do still have slight disagreements but they don’t chase each other around agressively. She will even sit near him, though she occasionally grumbles at him. I wish I had bought this earlier!

  • 5


    One of my cats was constantly attacking my other 2. I was desperate so thought I’d try these - I was skeptical - but from the moment I plugged them in she’s been a different cat. Calm, relaxed and now she just lays back and watches the other cats go about their business instead of attacking them for breathing!

  • 5

    Feliway Diffuser Set

    My four year old ginger has territorial issues and separation anxiety, and the Feliway diffuser has been a blessing!